USP-D is a management consulting specialized in personnel and organizational development.

USP-D stands for Unique Selling Proposition – Development: we foster the unique strengths of each individual and the unique strengths of his/her organization.
At the heart of USP-D is every individual’s ability to develop, and his or her deep-rooted desire to grow and realize their potential. Our work focuses on strategic development for managers, employees and organizations. We identify the potential of each individual and explore ways to realize that potential both within and outside his or her organization. We anticipate the implications for one’s personal and professional environment.

‘Enhancing effectiveness’, the USP-D work approach, today is called ‚enhancing leadership effectiveness’.
Our manager development focuses on self-management as the starting point and basis for all management responsibility. Effective improvements in our leadership skills start with and through ourselves: reflection, a critical approach and the application of what you have learned in everyday work all contribute to the long-term development of the leader.

From the outset, our company’s projects and goals have had an international focus. Our team of partners grows year on year, as new multilingual experts in and from a wide range of countries join our network. As well as offering unique support in individual development, we also are increasingly focusing on our own regional and international growth so that we can provide the right professional and expert support for our clients in their own growth projects. Strategic human resource development is increasingly required as part of large-scale change management projects in our clients’ organizations – projects that affect all levels of the corporate hierarchy from the directors or owners to the staff on the shop floor.

Organizational development and change management demand clear direction through clear leadership. That is why leadership programs are often implemented as part of change projects as a key tool in project success.
USP-D was founded 1998 in Vienna. Since 2009, the USP-D exists with an additional site in Düsseldorf with the clear conviction: to offer strategic personnel development, especially strategic management development in best consulting and implementation quality.
USP-D operates strategically and systemic.


Quality means at USP-D:

  • Adequacy of our interventions
  • Optimal fit of our designs
  • Maximal effectiveness of our services
  • The sustainable benefit of the customer is at the heart


It’s all about leadership – beginning with myself.