2 Heads

USP-D is comprised of a permanent team of consultants. The two managing directors, Carmen Klann and Petra Schulte have trusted their experienced senior consultants and executive coaches, outstanding diagnostic and leadership experts, and two well-practised customer service teams for many years.

USP-D and their team focus on their passion for their clients’ success, yet they came to this business via very disparate paths:

Carmen Klann is part of USP-D since 2012 and since 2014 plays an important role in the management team. As Managing Director of USP-D Deutschland Consulting GmbH she is a partner for customers in the German market in order to develop tailor-made solutions and offers.

Her professional career begins after studying psychology in market research. Here she becomes familiar with the diagnostic processing and interpretation of data. Shortly thereafter, she is self-employed trainer, consultant and coach.

Six years freelance work follows the work in strategic personnel development and as HR Business Partner in an international group. Here Carmen Klann acquires managerial experience and gets to know the operation of corporations.

She works in her role in charge of international projects and expands her expertise in the international implementation of human resources development instruments.

After 11 years of work in a group, Carmen Klann decides in 2012 again for the independent consultant role.

Her consultant focuses are in our diagnostic services (Development Center, Management Appraisal, LPE and 360 Degree Feedback), as well as in the field of leadership development with a focus on the team and group coaching formats.


Petra Schulte, born 1958, is the front-woman of USP-D Austria. She is the impulse-giver, initiator and driver.

Her management career began in marketing for the music industry. However, her underlying questions are: What moves people? When do they hear and follow their very own calling, their vocation, find their ‘true north’?

Since 1993, her core profession has been in the areas of endowing life with meaning and personality development. She pursues the questions: How do CEOs learn? How can development points that have been passed by be made up for effectively? What professional passions bring out new potential and initiate basic learning in experienced, successful executives?

Her own passions are engagement, self-management and premium quality. Her understanding of quality is the standard for many of our clients. Her sharp eye and clear positioning provide courage for confrontation and create efficiency.

For her, the strategic development and growth of USP-D are determined by the quality and enhancement of its professional team. Her particular passion is self-management as a prerequisite for leadership.

Petra Schulte sees it as her duty to assist top management teams and executive managers in finding the path to their potential, their meaningful contribution and their fingerprint within their companies.