The history of USP-D

USP-D History


USP-D was founded in 1998 in Vienna with the idea of focusing on development. Personnel development at its very best. The company founders, Manuel Ster and Petra Schulte, and their team of consultants see the interaction between organizational development and personnel development as an opportunity for quality.

USP-D manager programs and coaching assist our clients with custom-tailored designs and high implementation demands in order to increase your company’s success.


Successes and Development

1998-2002 USP-D grows beyond Austria to include the CEE regions. Managers are the focus in coaching, group coaching and extensive in-house programs. The USP-D team expands to include international experts and anchors itself in the client market as a specialist in personnel diagnostics and group coaching programs.

Thanks to its own growth success, internal developments have been visible at USP-D since 2000: Personnel diagnostics in the form of the dynamic assessment center, development workshop, development AC expands to include individual assessments, management appraisals and management audits.

2002 USP-D develops the new 360 degree feedback to provide excellent quality consulting. 360 degree feedback is executed quickly and brings support for employee surveys and team radar.

2003-2009 The focus on growth goes in the direction of China, Latin America and North Africa.

Personnel diagnostics and group coaching in China and Mexico require new concepts.

2008 a German medium-sized company requests a HR novelty in order to reorient its own personnel and organizational development and support it professionally. Together with USP-D, the corporate management defines the HR Business Service with a focal point on personnel development.

2009 USP-D Deutschland Consulting GmbH is established in Düsseldorf. From here, we support the internationalization and globalization of German corporate groups and medium-sized companies.

2009-2011 USP-D addresses a broader public and achieves great public success with its trade show contributions.

2011 USP-D presents a new meta-model: ‘High Trust Culture’. We research strategic, future-oriented management concepts.

2012 Strategy Development becomes a new focal point.

2013 USP-D appears in Germany and Austria in a new constellation. Manuel Ster leaves the company with the end of 2012. Petra Schulte is management director of the new defined USP-D Consulting GmbH in Austria.

Since December 2015 USP-D Deutschland Consulting GmbH is led by Carmen Klann and Petra Schulte.

The consultant team of USP-D consists today of about 25 consultants and 5 solid project staff.
We develop international projects in close cooperation with internationally accredited local colleagues.
USP-D growth aimes at expertise, sustainability and effectiveness.