360 Degree Feedback Group Report

360 Grad Feedback Group ReportThe need for companies to optimally use the potentials of their management staff and employees is continuously increasing. As a result, the requirements for the added value of the instruments used for potential analyses and suitability diagnostics are also increasing. Companies are faced with the challenge of finding instruments that, in addition to the assessment of individuals, also make statements about the organization’s performance as a whole, thus generating added value.

360 Degree Feedback is such an instrument for potential diagnostics. How can added value be generated from statements regarding the conduct of the participating feedback providers?

The USP-D 360 Degree Feedback Group Report compiles individual reports/feedback from a previously defined group and interprets the events from a meta-perspective. This links the individual performance of the feedback participants with the team’s and the organization’s performance.

Different areas of organizations are placed in relationship to each other in terms of selected questions and compared and/or differentiated from each other. The analysis fields of the Group Report are adapted to the needs of the customers. For example, this can be a specific management team. In this context, the goal is often team development and building trust. It can also be an organizational unit as a whole. In this case, aspects such as the shared leadership culture are focused on more strongly.
In all instances, we create a specific development portfolio that contains hypotheses and recommendations.



The process includes multiple steps. After conducting the individual 360 Degree Feedback come the phases of the debriefing and the definition of the Group Report. This takes place in coordination with the management team/HR management of the customer. This is followed by the creation of the Group Report and the transfer of the measures derived from it. The concluding review phase serves to reflect upon the entire process.

The typical process

360° feedback group report process

•    Goals for the team/the evaluated group (team level):  Focus – building trust and commitment. Potential analysis, optimization of team performance and culture, identification of fields of learning and causes of conflicts, team development, reinforcement of internal cooperation and interface management.
•    Goals for the organization: Focus – building understanding and growth orientation. Reinforcement/formation of corporate culture, information regarding the organization’s performance, strategic anchoring of current and future effective management competencies, planning of educational needs, reinforcement of feedback culture.
•    Target group: Top management, divisions and teams such as management teams, internal service units, administrative departments, company units.
•    Application scope: Implementation of company-wide performance criteria, check-up from a strategic HR perspective.
•    Formats: Cumulative feedback report sortable by customer request per division, region, function, position, team, competencies, based on the company-specific 360 Degree Feedback questionnaire and competencies.



Working with our customers on the definition and effect of their group reports indicates the following possible applications and value generation.