360 Degree Feedback

Encouraging the management and service quality of your employees is becoming ever more important for companies. The effect of a person’s behavior can be revealed in especially clear form with a feedback instrument and translated into purposeful conclusions and measures.

With USP-D 360 Degree Feedback, structured, written feedback for selected groups of people are the source of information for those receiving feedback. Colleagues, direct reports, superiors, customers and suppliers experience the people receiving feedback in various situations and contexts. Their feedback creates a detailed picture of how the behavior of the feedback receiver affects others. This external perception is then compared to the self-perception of the feedback receiver.



USP-D offers 360-degree feedback as an integrative overall process. This complete service includes all process steps: This can begin with the goal clarification in comparison to the corporate strategy and the definition of your performance criteria. Similarly – if the performance criteria have already been developed – we take on the design of the questionnaire and of all accompanying materials. The USP-D online instrument will be developed in accordance with your company’s corporate design and attuned to your corporate language(s). Our service includes complete support, data collection, data preparation and interpretation, as well as the return of the results and the development of solutions.



The 360 Degree Feedback is especially effective in its preparation: The feedback session based on the results report and the debriefing meeting for the feedback participant and his team are the lever for behavioral change and development.



Goals for the feedback participant and his environment: individual potential analysis, optimization of management effectiveness, identification of fields of learning and causes of conflicts, team development, reinforcement of internal cooperation and interface management

Goals for the organization: strategic anchoring of current and future effective management expertise, planning of educational needs, reinforcement of feedback culture

Target group: From individual people in top management to mid-level managers to sales employees and project managers; divisions and teams such as internal service units, administrative departments, company units

Application scope: Need definition in advance of development programs, as structured feedback process for work-related behavior issues, ascertainment of reasons for conflict and friction in the workflow, for the implementation of company-wide performance criteria and for the formulation of rules of play and optimization of cooperation

Formats: Internet-based questionnaires, hybrid solution on request, scaled questions and input options for free responses

Methodology: corporate and expertise-specific definition of the questionnaire, implementation of USP-D 360-degree feedback via an Internet platform (the external platform allows anonymity and neutrality), report creation by a USP-D coach, evaluation meeting with the USP-D coach, securing of transfer thanks to moderated debriefing meetings with stakeholder groups



  • Particularly effective and well-accepted results thanks to content structure according to your specific values/performance criteria and the embedding in your corporate design
  • Resource-sparing deployment and high-quality output assure the unbeatable cost/benefit ratio of the USP-D 360-degree feedback
  • Quality advantage due to own research and development
  • USP-D core competency in the translation of your catalog of competencies into purposeful actions



  • Professional expertise in the construction, execution and preparation of results thanks to many years of providing support
  • The USP-D research in the 360-degree feedback reveals wide-ranging lever effects and development potential for the entire organization.
  • USP-D’s implementation experience shows how the 360-degree feedback is a personnel development tool that effectively changes the culture of the organization.
  • The adaptation of the instrument to your company-specific success criteria and the implementation by experienced USP-D coaches increases the effectiveness.