Career Coaching

USP-D career coaching creates an orientation for future directions in the career of young potentials. Which direction will a talent decide to take in the medium or long term: Leadership and management orientation as a generalist or specialized / project career as a specialist?

It is not just the target group of young potentials that concerns itself with this personal course-setting: The supervisors and the entire organization realize they are facing increasing challenges in their talent management, in reacting to the many and varied requirements of the market with balanced career models.

This is where USP-D career coaching begins. It provides practical decision-making aids and offerings for clarification. Development stagnation among potentials (e.g. after completing trainee programs) is detected early and fended off.

Career and orientation workshops are the core element of our career coaching.  These career workshops and orientation workshops are precisely tailored to the needs of potentials and the strategic needs of your company. The young talents receive effective stimuli for assessing their careers to date and their future orientation. They are supported with innovative reflection and coaching techniques. With their group and their coach, they will formulate an individual catalog of measures containing specific approaches to their future career. The anchoring in practice comes with intensive profile coaching in an individual setting.



Goals: Activation of the decision-making expertise and core orientation of potentials, modeling of various career paths, personal maturation and self-responsibility of the talents for their own development, support of internal potential networks

Target group: young people with potential, who are about to make direction-changing decisions for their careers (generalist vs. specialist)

Application scope: in the course of talent management, after trainee programs, in case of development stagnation, as preparation for potential analyses and assessments, for managers in reorientation such as before overseas deployments

Format: individual access via individual coaching and also in a group format as a career/orientation workshop



  • Intensive, long-term employee loyalty to your company thanks to increased identification
  • Best Practice Talent Management as a service component of your personnel development
  • Transparency and effect in talent management thanks to long-term securing of results
  • Methodical-creative program design
  • Activation and empowerment of young potentials in designing their own careers



  • USP-D career coaching: many years of experience in the development and support of young talents and managers with long-term research
  • Benchmark information for internal and external applicant market
  • Advising expertise in the connection between and differentiation of expert vs. management careers
  • The management guidelines and performance criteria of your company guide the design and execution of all measures in career coaching.
  • Extensive support in all phases: Preparation, implementation, follow-up, on-request evaluation of different target groups