Development Center

Depending on your specific requirements, the USP-D Development Center is conceived as a dynamic development center* for potential analysis and development or as an assessment center in the context of personnel decisions.

Development centers are 1-1, 5-day events with mostly 8-10 participants, who handle a set of tasks.

The USP-D approach in the development center distinguishes itself through a setting developed specifically for your company. Exercises are oriented according to practical challenges in everyday work life and they offer the participants relevant learning experiences that are supported by extensive feedback elements.

*The dynamization in the AC arises from the proximity of the individual AC exercises to reality as well as learning impulses from feedback, which the analysis of the learning and development capacities of the participants directly in the AC allow further along.



Goals: Analysis of status quo and potential of the participants with a focus on those competencies that are defined as especially important at your company, now and in the future (social competencies, motivation, learning potential, management capabilities, etc.)

Target groups: Managers, talents and high potentials, sales employees

Application scope: Development of competencies, potential analysis, starting point before further development programs, talent management, career and succession planning

Methodology: Multimodal interview, tests, case studies and design work, presentation, role-plays, group work





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  • Absolutely precise results: Participants, HR and management get individual analyses and purposeful recommendations
  • Obvious learning effects for participants even in the development center and in feedback conversations, task portfolio with relevant proximity to reality
  • Great acceptance by all participants thanks to individual support, appreciative handling, quality of results and feedback quality
  • Employee loyalty thanks to increased identification and detection
  • Individual responsibility of the participants for further development



  1. Behavior diagnostics in the development center are the USP-D core competency: For more than 15 years, we have been researching and refining the effectiveness of our instruments in the USP-D internal Competence Center.
  2. International character: Outside the German-speaking world, we conduct management audits all over Europe, in Latin America and Asia, in various working languages, including German, English, Spanish and Chinese
  3. Complete support during all phases: Design and preparation, administration and implementation, securing of results and follow-up support