HR Business Service

USP-D HR Business Service assists personnel departments in successfully managing their challenges in the area of strategic personnel development. In the future, people responsible for personnel will have to account for an extensive catalog of different competencies and roles in their company, including as

• Change agent for change processes
• Business partner for strategic orientation for the management and
• Specialist in the development and execution of sophisticated human resources tools

This situation poses especially large implementation problems for SME and their personnel departments.
Even if the reasons for this are many and varied – in the future it is precisely SME who should place their focus on their strategic personnel development in order to equip themselves for the forecast lack of skilled employees and ensure long-term employee loyalty.

USP-D HR Business Service offers valuable assistance for these demanding tasks. USP-D personnel development experts will work with you to develop a goal-oriented catalog of measures with interlocking service components and a defined timeline. Here, depending on your needs, they will provide support for operative implementation on site, adapted precisely to the temporal and business needs of your organization – from possible individual intervention to complete package solutions.

Existing personnel resources at the company will be incorporated and supported with impulse coaching in the implementation process. Thus particular measures, such as the introduction of employee appraisals, can be implemented effectively and in goal-oriented fashion by USP-D HR Business Service.



Goals: Reinforcement of personnel development agendas at the company, planning, communication and implementation speed thanks to extremely precise selection of appropriate instruments, implementation support across the entire spectrum of personnel development topics

Target group: Responsible people in leadership and personnel, personnel developers

Target companies: especially SME with a need for support in their personnel development topics

Application scope: The establishment of strategic personnel development for growth and change, mergers and unbundling, management buyouts, and the introduction of HR instruments and execution of personnel development projects, goal and results coaching of personnel departments and people responsible for personnel




  • Effective implementation of personnel development measures with lever effects in the area of entrepreneurial value creation
  • Professional implementation and handling of strategic personnel development instruments
  • Optimization of internal processes thanks to effective use of all resource in modern interface management:
  • “One-face-to-the-customer” principle: Provision of a personnel development expert for employees and management, who consults expertly and effectively.
  • Flexible service package with modular service components – adapted to the needs of the organization



  • Continuous provision and evaluation of strategic and practically-proven HR expertise, which stands up to any external benchmark.
  • Activation of your corporate strategy through modern human resources management as a business partner for your corporate management.
  • Preferential treatment of all internal structures that speed up the growth of your company and reinforce your autonomy (human capital).