Executive Development Program

The manager development for executive managers makes the highest demands on personnel development. Many HR managers are clueless when handling this target group and not confronted directly with it. Your main customers internally are other management levels. The top management is your client, not your primary target group with a need for learning and development. Executive boards and entrepreneurs make this argument: Top executives are “purchased” capable and fully trained. They can do their job. Nothing needs to be invested in their management development. This attitude is not without risk: Ultimately, the elite management represents the organization. The whole success of the company stands and falls with their commitment.

At the same time, the executive managers confront tasks and questions that they have not previously encountered in their careers. Their workloads can no longer be reduced with simple time management. In addition, the high requirements placed on this target group and its effects on a person’s workload are accepted as a given basic condition. But it is precisely top management, which is the lever of the organization, who need management development, and like all other employees sufficient space for development in order to take on their responsibility.

What management development programs can they expect from your organization?

Personnel managers tend to take obvious individual measures for these internal customers: Top executives find themselves in summer universities and take part in exclusive block events at international educational institutions.

Meanwhile, it is precisely top managers and executive managers who need a manager development program that extends beyond grand concepts and theories.

At companies they form a very special target group, which is seldom addressed as a group.


USP-D manager development for executive managers offers them trusting exchange within a group of learners. In addition to knowledge, concepts and approaches, their high quality requirements demand personal growth steps. The USP-D manager development program offers the exclusive framework and inductive reflection process these top managers are looking for.

They are hoping for a leap forward in personal growth, energy and insight from their deeper understanding of who they are. They are seeking binding networking with managers on their level, who are confronted with similar questions. They want to compare their individual needs with those of others and experience manager development on their level of complexity. A USP-D manager program for top managers is a top executive coaching program that is custom-tailored within the company to the challenges, questions and tasks of these top managers.

The basic conditions required for this include: A coach at a professional level, equal partners, mutual trust and a protected, expertly prepared framework are the basic pillars of the USP-D management development for top managers and executive managers. Self-leadership and courage to engage in personal confrontations are starting points of the content, which can lead to open reflection and the consideration of personal core topics.

The USP-D manager development program for top managers is a good mix of feedback processes and reflection exercises. Perception exercises, bioenergetics and relaxation exercises prepare the ground for in-depth discussions and resource work. Biography and vision work makes the logical theme of one’s own life apparent and usable. Techniques from the field of mental coaching activate forces for additional and new challenges and reveal very clear, pragmatic solutions for the next steps. Expert, partner-like discussion with the developing team creates trusting exchanges about fields of learning, business concerns and personal questions. This target group is middle-aged and approaching the last third of their careers. For them the concern is to use resources well, to rediscover forgotten potential and to have both of these available thanks to self-leadership.


The USP-D manager development for executive managers concludes with rich results. The partnerships built up this way are binding. The top managers see their own competencies anew and use them consistently.


Application scope:

  • Joint ventures, takeovers, mergers & acquisitions, change projects: Qualification and support
  • As preparation and support for larger leaps in growth
  • In case of an absent culture of trust and learning and an apparent standstill in top management
  • For creative and strategic stagnation
  • In case of stagnating development or declining results



The USP-D management development program for top managers and executive managers comprises five modules distributed over a year and focuses on content whose goal is to strengthen the executive personality. The small group of 8 to 12 managers is supported continuously by a group coach. Between the 2-3 day events held at approximately two-month intervals on the topics of self-leadership, congruence, life strategy,change and life conflict, there are supporting coaching sessions as individual measures. The integration of individual topics from the group coaching is important. Self-reflection, insight and especially exchange with partners are important levers here. Supporting projects in the social or environmental context deepen the emotional development.



  • Reflection work, time travel, visualization instructions
  • Mental coaching and training
  • Bioenergetic exercises, breathing exercises and Breema exercises
  • Company and industry-spanning case studies
  • Benchmark evenings and guest lectures
  • Self-controlled events that incorporate additional target groups (clients, executive boards of other corporate groups, supervisory board, family)
  • Social projects and company-spanning innovation and strategy projects




  • Top managers, executive managers are lonely at the top. Here they get custom-tailored support on their level. A gentle reset and the handling of core questions concerning their lives is permitted.
  • These top managers are the real lever and impulse-providers of the company. Any minimal improvement and positive change of behaviors creates perceptible powerful growth of the organization.
  • In addition to professional coaching expertise and business expertise, courage and good intuition are part of this manager development. Executive managers feel understood and thank the organization and their employees for this experience with a deeper understanding of their needs.
  • This manager development special program allows the establishment of a deep level of trust in this target group and permits long-lasting networking, the effects of which will last for years.
  • The uniqueness of this USP-D manager development for top mangers is exemplary, elegant and exclusive.



  • Support of top managers, executive managers and executive boards across the years has led to the consolidation of this target group. Accompanying research can be formulated according to your desires.
  • Due to their experience and expertise, their standings and their exemplary effect our coaches enjoy special acceptance in the management development for executives.
  • Appreciation and intrepidness permit top managers and executive managers to establish trust in the long run.
  • USP-D coaches have themselves experienced top management.