Management Development Program

USP-D manager development –
management development for experienced (mid-level) managers

USP-D manager development addresses the identification of expertise and the design of management development and career programs as important building blocks for strategically-oriented management development in order to:


  1. Support the strategy implementation of company management
  2. Identify and encourage people with suitable talent and potential in the management
  3. Make clear the attractiveness of the company, precisely for its employees.

The USP-D manager development program is oriented especially towards managers in mid-level and upper management. Due to their professional expertise or market knowledge, they have ascended to positions of responsibility where they want and must develop further in their management role! Here, the concern is less “tools and techniques” than comparing their own understanding of their roles with their increased responsibility.

The ideal format for manager development is the USP-D group coaching – as an annual program or a compact program. Here, managers experience the exchange with partners who act on their own level of experience. From the participants’ point of view, this approach offers noteworthy advantages:

  • The isolation that the manager frequently experience in everyday life is broken down.
  • In exchange with his peers, he develops new points of view and solutions with immediate practical relevance.
  • He compares his own management behavior with the company’s existing guidelines and strategic goals.
  • He develops a stable network based on mutual trust, which even after completion of the manager development program can help mark and implement the future corporate strategy.






  • The USP-D development program clarifies how experienced managers understand the role and reflect their management identity.
  • Manager development encourages the networking and feedback potential within the company.
  • Manager development compares the corporate vision to the company’s own values and its own management behavior.
  • The managers solve individual management questions in a practically oriented fashion.

Target group:

  • Experienced mid-level and upper managers
  • Project managers with significant portfolios
  • Experienced salespeople and sales managers with growing management responsibility

Target companies:

  • Corporate groups and medium-sized companies

Application scope:

  • To establish trust across the entire organization within a proven, strong management group
  • For the communication and integration of new management guidelines and for the establishment of a common management language (corporate identity)
  • After larger organizational changes for preparation and support of the culture change – or as follow-up
  • For the identification and development of existing management potential
  • To make visible experienced managers who are successful due to their professional expertise


USP-D manager development gains its power and measurable transfer performance from the central work done in group coaching. In addition to the latest management knowledge, the focus is especially on peer coaching, group coaching sequences and purposeful individual coaching. The networking and formation of trust provide the platform for topic-specific learning of experience and transfer to the everyday routine.


  • Inductive learning thanks to role-playing, reflection tasks, transfer tasks
  • Case studies and takeover of content responsibility through focused preparation
  • Group work, outdoor and action learning
  • Project work in the annual program
  • Cosy Corner Discussions with senior managers, guest managers from other companies and knowledge guest moderators round out the benchmark in positive fashion. The exchange with senior managers and guests offers the participants input and increases their joy in the growth of their own personalities.



  • Every company has proven managers, who either were not yet on board when talent management programs began or who have already grown away from the target group of talented individuals. They are the knowledge and expertise bearers in the organization. Their knowledge should be bundled and activated.
  • The target group of experienced managers is the promoter of successful personnel and organizational development. These managers can quickly detect effectiveness and success and take on responsibility for themselves and the successful measure.
  • Experienced managers often look with envy on management succession development programs. They have grown out of the target group, yet they know how important exchange and benchmarking are. Young managers come with interesting questions and reflections, which can be taken up well by experienced managers and developed jointly into new solutions.



  • USP-D manager development for experienced managers is only led by consultants with their own management and business expertise. Our coaches have both: their own line management experience, frequently with an international background, and well-established coaching practice.
  • USP-D has many years of experience in assisting experienced managers and is familiar with their frequently secret desire to engage in reflection and open exchange with partners in a manager development program with a group coaching element. The format of group coaching supports the formation of trust and networking and reinforces deep and long-lasting growth.
  • USP-D consultants and coaches come from the industry, whose requirements distinguish them in their qualifications from many people in other industries. They activate the existing management structures and processes at the company (TQM, BSC, Lean Management, Six Sigma) as a crucial element of the manager development.