Young Potentials Development Program


Manager development for talented individuals is increasingly the focus at medium-sized companies and corporate groups. In the course of their talent management, we develop special annual programs and in-house academies. Young potential successors and individuals with high potential are raised together in a group to be a new management generation. USP-D manager development for talented individuals is developed consistently with reference to the company’s management guidelines and the needs of the target group and therefore anchors these in this generation.

Frequently on a par with the development of managers is the “unofficial” goal: encouraging the internal networking of high-potential individuals. The graduates of such manager development for talented individuals also report many years later how much they were able to increase their effectiveness at the company through the reliability of the network they have established in this way.

The companies, in turn, profit from the fact that their young managers internalize the language of the organization and become cultural ambassadors, who want to spend their career at the company.



Goal: Clarification of the role understanding as successor manager and development of one’s own management identity; understanding of self-leadership and leadership in comparison to self-management and management; and developing a long-term, authentic attitude towards understanding your own management vision and bringing it into harmony with the company’s vision

Target groups: Young managers who are on their way to a management career; striving managers who due to their potential and performance should be encouraged consistently for a further career as managers; managers who have already taken on initial management responsibility or who are changing to an area of greater responsibility (e.g. team management); if necessary, also project employees who are growing into project management functions

Target companies: Corporate groups and medium-sized companies who can define a group of talented people of similar age or experience

Application scope: in talent management as an essential component of holistic strategic personnel development; before or directly after growth steps of the organization (M&A support, for the purposeful establishment of an internal network of managers, as future shaper of the company, as employer branding): Binding of the talented young people to the organization, for cultural development and deepening of the understanding of the character of the organization

Formats: The most effective format of the manager development for talented individuals is the program – as an annual or compact program. The young successor managers build a network, form a common target group with its own identity and increased identification with the organization.

USP-D manager development for talented individuals gains its power and measurable transfer performance from the central work in group coaching. Theory input is regularly reflected upon. Peer coaching, group coaching and individual coaching elements deepen the exchange and the transfer to everyday work. Theory and practical implementation interlock.

Methodology: inductive learning, role-plays, reflection tasks, transfer tasks, case studies and takeover of content responsibility thanks to focused preparation, group work, outdoor and action learning, project work in the annual program, cosy corner discussions with senior managers or guest managers from other companies round out the benchmark in positive fashion, offer input and increase the joy in one’s own growth.




  • Young talents identify themselves with the ideal culture of the organization and become its ambassadors. They assume commitment and design the future.
  • The design of the successor manager development is attuned exactly to your company. Benefit from USP-D’s experience for the smooth implementation of your entrepreneurial development concerns.
  • The comparability on the market reveals the effectiveness and long-term benefits of successor manager development. The target group’s enthusiasm contributes more than the short-term learning achievements. The target group develops an identity-bearing strength, which extends far beyond the program.
  • The USP-D manager development for talented individuals distinguishes you and reveals its increasing effect. The long-term effect reported by participants and groups extends for 10-15 years.



  • The USP-D manager development for talented individuals designs the management style of your organization in appropriate form and causes it to succeed as well as possible.
  • USP-D has many years’ extensive experience in the development of successor managers. In particular, we have developed the format of group coaching into an extraordinarily effective and very popular working format.
  • USP-D consultants and coaches have an industrial focus, which distinguishes itself in its requirements from those of other industries. The specific industrial background, the special management structures, processes (TQM, BSC, Lean Management, Six Sigma) and strategies of producing companies form a core element of our development of successor managers.