Status Assessment

The USP-D position determination is conceived as a management appraisal or individual assessment. It offers the participant and your company a status definition against the background of your performance principles and performance competencies. The participant’s adaptability and fields of development are regarded and assessed with respect to a current or future specific function.

The USP-D position determination distinguishes itself through an appraisal setting developed specifically for your company. The purposeful assessment of the participant’s competencies and potential provides information about his need for learning and development.

For individuals, the position determination is the optimal alternative to participation in a development center.

The USP-D position determination can also be used for the potential analysis of your own employees and for external applicants.

Duration: one half day



Goal: Analysis of status quo and potential of a participant with respect to your company’s competencies and your performance criteria

Target groups: Managers, talents and potentials, sales employees, bearers of key expertise, top experts

Application scope: Analysis of need for further development, potential analysis, talent management, succession planning, personnel selection (e.g. final decision for a short list)

Methodology: Multimodal – CV analysis, performance appraisal, interview, tests, case studies, concept, presentation, role-play, optional360 Degree Feedback

The position determination can optionally be conducted with or without observers/assessors from your company.




  • Participants, HR and management get individual analyses and purposeful recommendations
  • Clear evaluation basis for the definition of additional learning and development measures and personnel decisions
  • Learning effects for participants thanks to reinforcement of self-reflection and self-perception/external-perception comparison
  • High level of acceptance by all participants thanks to appreciative support, precise results, and feedback quality



  1. Personnel-diagnostic procedures in the position determination are USP-D’s core competency: For more than 15 years, we have been researching and refining the effectiveness of our instruments within USP-D’s own Competence Center.
  2. International character: Outside the German-speaking world, we conduct position determinations all over Europe, in Latin America and Asia, in various working languages, including German, English, Spanish and Chinese
  3. Comprehensive support during all phases – design and preparation, administration and implementation, securing of results and follow-up support