Sales360 – effective, made-to-measure sales support

Besides innovation, costs and marketing levers, managers want to sustainably increase their sales results as a key to success.

With Sales360 sales representatives find out in a transparent way how their behaviour and efforts impact their direct sales success.

Sales organisations and service providers have been looking for differentiated performance measurement and feedback tools for their field sales representatives and sales personnel for a long time. Whether it’s in service or transactions: staff in contact with customers want to know very precisely what their success is based on and how they can positively influence it.

In operative sales, strategic support and intensive key account management, sales personnel are primarily measured by figures: they battle for good margins, high sales and quantities and use the package of conditions as the last lever.

They achieve measurable targets, thus maybe seeing their own business results as customer feedback.

Closer observation of the typical sales process in companies and also our research on 360-degree feedback show: business deals are not direct feedback on the

  • Producer’s service and their sales team
  • Customer’s satisfaction with consultancy
  • Quality of the sales representative’s customer acquisition and retention

If entrepreneurs and sales executives want to identify the learning areas and obstacles to success for their key account managers and sales managers so as to effectively support them, they have to find out about the observations and statements of people who come into direct contact with these sales representatives.

One frequently asked question and the answer assumed to be the primary solution lies in your hands after the customer survey. Customer surveys are very effective tools.

However, in our experience they have shortcomings time and time again:

  1. If a customer does not state a clear complaint in the areas of product quality, value for money or service, they are hardly likely to express criticism of their direct contact.
  2. The customer survey does not differentiate according to individual staff. The company surveys a large group of customers for feedback on themselves as a service provider.
  3. 20 years of experience with surveying tools has shown time and time again: the surveyed customers are friendly feedback providers. We regularly check this hypothesis: customers do not want to put their current service ratio at risk by making critical statements. They feel an emotional obligation to their consultant, service provider, supplier.

We use this appreciative attitude for the further development of sales staff in cooperation with our customers for the design of Sales360.

Customers are happy though to provide anonymous feedback in a carefully prepared survey if it contains specific distribution and sales questions about the supply company’s service package. With good preparation and more stringent communication you encourage the development of the sales force and support it with feedback.

Our dealings with production companies over many years clearly strengthened our expertise in Sales360: our customers are increasingly training their sales personnel to become consultants to support their customers beyond the sale of commodities in finding solutions.


Sales360 – how does it work?

  • Sales managers and managing directors identify the skills in sales relevant to results and the future using the USP-D behaviour diagnosticians.
  • The sales representatives and groups around them answer approx. 40-80 questions online about the sales representative’s behaviour and approach to work.
  • These groups consist of external customers, internal suppliers such as marketing or production and colleagues. The image is rounded off by feedback from the direct line manager and the sales representative’s self-assessment.
  • The comparison of specific answers leads to a clear picture of the sales representative’s sales, consulting and strategically binding performance.


The organisation’s contribution to Sales360

  • Corporate management decides which personal parameters they consider to be relevant to success in the sales and consulting process.
  • They describe which additional factors business success depends on in sales.
  • They define any other information they would like to obtain from their customers about their sales representatives and their work.


USP-D expertise in planning and processing

  • We support companies in formulating the question areas invitingly with a clear focus on behaviour so that feedback providers want to express themselves.
  • We use our benchmark to balance out any blind spots in the question area. If companies set specific focuses, we look at the related areas together to map the delicate and sensitive process between the customer and sales representative person in its entirety.
  • We differentiate strategically relevant question areas for the development of operatively effective sales behaviour with the customer.
  • However, what’s most important is that every survey, questionnaire or check is only meaningful if follow-up action such as sales training, sales academies or effective individual support for the sales managers and key account managers are applied. Surveys should not just be a stand-alone measure. They become most effective in the context of the meaningful evaluation of results.
  • As a feedback recipient, the sales representatives get a report of the results, which highlights their strengths, potential and learning areas and makes recommendations at the same time.
  • Each feedback recipient has a coaching meeting to derive practical action from the learning on offer.
  • Those who commission the survey, i.e. the entrepreneur, board or sales manager, get an overall analysis (Group Report) about the sales staff group as well as the individual reports for each sales representative. This report is the basis for the targeted development of sales, negotiation and argumentation training.

Sales360 leads to a very rapid increase in results and the effective development of the sales representative’s skills.


Scrrenshot_Sales360_englThe article “Sales360 – effective, made-to-measure sales support” by Petra Schulte can be downloaded as PDF.